December 18, 19, and 20, 2011

The Gift of the Magi (Jim)
Carmel Valley Opera
Hidden Valley Music Seminars
Carmel Valley, California

PERFORMANCES: December 18, 19, and 20, 2011
Institute of the Performing Arts

Gerbrandt debuts with Hidden Valley Music Seminars, singing the role of Jim in their 2011 production of The Gift of the Magi.  The production will feature Gerbrandt and Aimée Puentes in the two leading roles.  

Composer David Conte has received commissions from Chanticleer, the San Francisco Symphony Chorus, the Oakland East-Bay Symphony and the Dayton Philharmonic.  He has composed songs for singers Barbara Bonney, Phyllis Bryn-Julson, and Thomas Hampson.  Mr. Conte is Professor of Composition at the San Grancisco Conservatory of Music.  To read and learn more about Mr. Conte, click Here...

Conductor: Stewart Robertson
Direction: Robert Darling

Della: Aimèe Puentes, soprano
Jim: Gregory Gerbrandt, baritone

"The Gift of the Magi is a one-act chamber opera in four scenes with text in English based on the classic O. Henry short story with libretto by Nicholas Giardini.  Della (soprano) and Jim (baritone) are a young couple very much in love and devoted to each other.  They share a small apartment, and because of their meager incomes they pledge not to exchange Christmas gifts.  Secretly, both decide to sell their own most precious possession to buy what each thinks will make the other happy.  Though Jim adores her long flowing tresses, Della decides to cut and sell her hair to a wig maker so she can buy Jim a chain for his pocket watch, a family heirloom given to him by his father.  Meanwhile, Jim decides to buy Della an exquisitely elaborate comb for her hair.  But of course, the only way he can raise sufficient money is to sell his father's watch..."   -The rest of the synopsis, orchestration detail, role description, and other pertinent information regarding the opera can be found and purchased in hard-copy or e-book form: Sacred Music Drama: The Producer's Guide by author, Dr. Carl Gerbrandt.